Party Wedding template for your disc.

These disc/video template intros are made to be an addition to your digital wedding photographs, business promo or even your family snaps. For instance I could put all your video clips and photos together with your choice of theme then add this intro’ to the start if you wished. Imagine friends looking at your wedding photos, they’re getting bored after seeing a couple of your cherished pictures. Get them enthused with one of my intros and I promise they will want to see all of your album without falling asleep. I absolutely love this template for adding to your DVD photo file. As well as being hilarious you can have all the characters changed to suit your occasion, have more characters added and as usual change all the font styles, text and music. All the photos you see running in the background will be replaced with yours and in whatever order you choose. Just ask for Wedding Party Time when making your enquiry or you can view more choices by clicking here.
Video to follow soon.