Free Christmas present

Free Christmas present if you’re quick.

My workload will go pretty quiet by mid December so I am offering some freebies to all my readers. I hate sitting around just doing my own projects and this idea of mine should cheer a few people up over Christmas I hope.
What freebies?
Free colourising

Colourising – You can have a free Colourising of an old (Or new) Black & White photo which makes them look brilliant.






Enhancement – You can choose to have one of your photos simply enhanced to refresh that mojo it may have lost.



Free Wedding photo montage in Berkshire


Montage – Choose any style of montage from my page and send in your photos. Have a look here.




winner april


3D Effect – Lots of people ask for these and they can be great fun. This example was from a recent competition winner.




Free Christmas Desaturate


Desaturating – If you have that arty idea of removing colour from say 80% of your photo to add impact to the main subject, I can do that too.



The first thing you need to do is check if there are any tickets left. 25 people will win this offer and it will run until all spots are taken. Go over to my Facebook page and you will see how many tickets are still on offer. You can then message me with your chosen free gift either from the contact tab above or Facebook or email me at

Yes there are some rules, but very little is required like proving who you are and that you are not part of a professional restoration company. You will receive the rules if there are tickets left for you to qualify. Please make the effort, there are no catches and absolutely no money involved.

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