I never change the amount quoted to you. Additional costs would only occur if you ask for something extra like colourising or printing.
You are more likely to receive extras free of charge.

There are several ways to send your photo/image to Photo Restore.

Scan your photo and email to Photores50@gmail.com

Deliver to my address if local.

I can collect and deliver if local, free of charge.

Use software like Dropbox and I can download from there.

Post to my address with suitable packaging.

Answer not here? Just mail me with your question.

If you have access to a scanner but not sure how to use it, send me the make and model details then I can help with setting it up.

If you are familiar with your scanner a medium to high resolution (DPI) would be great for me to work with. However I can work with low resolution scans but the outcome will be of lower quality.

There are many places that have scanners for public use.
Local library, photographic shop, post office or just Google for a scanning service or store.

Torn photos, brittle photos, glass or metal photos can all be sent to me with suitable packaging.

If it’s a glass plate which can easily be damaged please consider scanning the photo at your local post office or other outlet. It needs to be scanned as a reversal or negative type setting. You can then send the image to me without risk.

I have been working with photographs for many years and have received lots of private and intimate photographs needing some kind of work on them.
I can assure you that I do not keep copies nor do I show such photos to friends or members of the public. It would only take one mistake to ruin my reputation.

If the request is legal I will work on whatever is required. If it’s funny I will enjoy the humour with you, sad and I will sympathise, down right rude I will still complete the work.

There will be no need for a refund as no payments are made until you are fully satisfied with the work you have given me.
After you receive the completed work and see something that can be changed, that work will be done absolutely free of charge.

If you need information about anything photographic just contact me and I will endeavour to assist you free of charge and without any obligation.

Technical help

If you have a mounted photograph stuck to glass that needs attention the solution is as follows. The reason it sticks is due to moisture between photo and glass that reacts with the silver chemical on your photo.
All you need to do is soak it in warm water with the photo at the top (no soap) for up to 20 minutes but checking every minute or so. Just agitate the glass a few times during the soak and it will eventually float free by itself or perhaps with some very gentle persuasion. You don’t need to stand over it whilst it’s soaking, just take a look now and then and as I’ve said, agitate the glass.
Once it is free from the glass you will need to dry it. Place it on a flat area at room temperature and leave till it is completely dry. Do not blow dry it.
To remount the picture and stop this happening with any photo again is to purchase a matt for it. The card inlays that border photos in shops etc’ are called matts. They keep a gap between photo and glass and only cost a couple of pounds so it’s well worth the outlay.
Firstly, as I have learnt to my cost, scan through the glass so you have something to fall back on!
There was a short period of time when some printing companies used a very poor but effective method to print your photos which will not stand up to be immersed in water. The silver will very quickly lift from the paper and freely float uncontrollably into an oil looking disaster. To avoid this always soak a corner to test it.
If it has a well known brand name printed across the back of the photo it is unlikely they would be of such a poor quality.

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