Photo Restoration of Family Photo.

I really must stop using the description bad condition for photos sent into me, they wouldn’t be sent in for restoration unless they were bad I guess ????
This example below is of the common ilk in that it was full of creases, inclusions and needed urgent attention before getting any worse, and they do get worse in time. So on this Family Photo I started by resizing it and doing some advanced jiggery-pokery to get it as crisp as possible. It’s one of the first thing a restorer should so you can see all the damage properly, nothing like a bit of sharpening to do that. After that it is all down to my magic macros, plenty of eye strain until I get the result that hopefully the owner will appreciate. My client loved the result and sent in a couple more once he could trust my work and price. Hope you like it. More restorations for your viewing are here on the Photo Restorations page.