This was an unusual request from a repeat customer of mine. I don’t mind unusual requests, in fact they are the very things that keep me going and slap my inspirational flag real hard.
If I’m asked to do a restoration or colourising, nudist scenes, manipulations, rushed presents for someone etc’, I do them without blinking. But asking for something out of the ordinary like a recent zombie addition to a photo or a water colour impression of a wedding scene really gets my inspiration on the boil.
This particular request was for a friend of my customer that was unable to voluntarily open her right eye. Apparently she has often wondered what she would look in photos with her eye open.
So I was sent this photo to fulfil the ladies daydream musings. There’s nothing bizarre about this request, I’ve made fat people slim, filled peoples bust line. hidden scars and given make overs. Eye contact means a lot more to this lady than to most of us so I was very happy to do this one for free.

I thought that I would show the finished version first. It’s more appropriate in my opinion to show how lovely this lady really is.

This is the original photo sent into me. I understand her desire to see what she would look like in photos, but I think, as I am sure you do, she looks gorgeous anyway.