Colourising photos can have massive impact on your subject. Whether you want colour adding or subtracting they will always look far better than the original. I will try to keep these examples up to date and not overwhelm you with my offerings but have a good look at them and decide if it’s something that takes your fancy. More examples to be added soon.

This was a simple background change along with some cosmetic work for the ladies face. The water added in the background was clients request to make the sea a little more blue. I found a reasonable photo and just cloned it into the photo and tweaked the colour to the clients taste. See more HERE.

This was a full colourising for a friend of mine. I brought the photo back to life adding contrast and then building all the colours in which makes it look pretty darn good. My good friend George (And his family) loved it. See more HERE.

This photo is quite an old one of mine. Not what you think of as colourising but nonetheless makes a big impact with colour on black and white. It was actually taken at a vintage car show in full colour, so I simply removed all that colour just leaving the driver to impress.