For many years I’ve meant to get down to reconstructing Eustace Street school by way of old photo records and anything else I can get my hands on. My old infant and junior school was unfortunately demolished before I could get some pictures and maybe even get a peek inside which was a tragedy in itself but then I found absolutely nothing on the internet either. Eustace Street school now demolished left me gutted as the only photos I personally had were of the rear yard where the school annual photos were taken.
I stumbled on some photos a councillor had taken of it in a derelict state which gave me the idea of Photo Reconstruction. Not easy to do and quite time consuming but I will complete this venture eventually.
The idea is to pinch stuff from other schools of similar age, copying windows, doors and walls etc and making my old school look like I remembered it. Photo reconstruction has now a whole new meaning to me.

The first picture is of the junior Girls & boys entrances and as you can see it’s badly neglected. Second photo shows some work I have done on it and the third a heck of a lot more. There’s a lot more to do and only time will tell if I get there in the end (I’m sure I will). Come back another day and search Eustace street school.

As mentioned, this is a rather dilapidated Eustace Street School. I guess it has to make way for progress but there’s hardly any photos of it, none of which are showing it in good repair. So let the reconstruction begin.

My first job was to be rid of the 2 alarm boxes and some minor repairs to the brickwork. The next job was the girls entrance roof, quite a difficult part of this reconstruction but it had to be done.

This third photo had quite a good tidy up removing litter from the trees and bits n pieces all over the building. I also removed some wiring along the front and did some pruning of the shrubs and trees. And just in case you hadn’t noticed, the modern styled lamp post has been taken out of the picture.

My next objective will be to replace the windows. This is going to be a mammoth task but an enjoyable one nevertheless. However I don’t think I’ll get back to this in the next couple of years as the work that is pouring in is taking up all my time. Plus I like to mess around with other things that keep popping in my head.
Just keep watching, I’ll be back onto it some day.