A customer recently sent an old School Photo in for Restoration and Colourising. To my surprise it was one from ‘my’ old school and even more incredible, I was in it.
The picture was taken around 1959 in the yard of Eustace St junior school and was an annual event that got all the mothers combing your hair in the hope that you would look nice. Might sound great but having your mother brushing out knots, licking her hand to flatten anything out of place and making you change your underwear made you feel so uncool. Anyway, the problem was soon resolved once out of eyesight by running your hand through your hair and diving through a few hedges. Peeing your pants was an option too but I passed on that one.
I hope they still take yearly form school photos, very sad if they don’t because looking back on them always brings back happy memories and wonderment.

The restoration of this School Photo was quite easy, just a few creases and stains to remove and bump up the contrast. Colourising was a little more intense as you can imagine. So many people and lots of clothing to colour. I have some tricks I use to do this kind of thing but you have to make the colours as authentic as possible. The red brick colour was taken from the original school and some of the children’s clothes are from my memory. How I remember them I have no idea.
The work on this photo and anything similar would be as little as £10.00 – £15.00, hope you like it.

The Memories I’ve recalled from this photo are:

John Stott – 1st left back row. In our days you had one, maybe two bad families. John was part of a really bad one which was known as probably the filthiest on the estate. They were evicted from their house with all their belongings dumped on the footpath. Two workmen passed out with the stench, partially due to the kids climbing up to the front window and peeing down the glass. The next set of council guys had to wear breathing apparatus.
Peter Wood – 6th from left back row. Out and out Walter Mitty. He would have you believe it was raining right in the middle of a heat wave. An old mate from Friends Reunited says he met him recently and advised me that he was still the same.
Michael Booth – 3rd left middle row. Tallest lad in school even from the infant section. I do not exaggerate when I say he had a penis at least 12″ long and the girth was equally striking. Gentlest guy you could meet unless enraged by the rest of the school wanting to see it or wanting a donkey ride.
David Platt – 8th from left middle row. Poor guy lost the end of his finger whilst swinging on the school gate. One lad had the sense to pick it up and run after him to the headmaster. I recall it was successfully grafted back on.
Christine Dawson – 1st left front row. Wowza! You didn’t really notice girls till you got to the senior school but this one I remember as being pretty striking. I’m betting she grew up totally gorgeous.
Linda Verity – 4th from left first row. Really nice chubby girl always had a smile on her face. Her parents owned a Fruit and Veg shop where we occasionally got presented with an apple each so long as he considered them unsaleable.
Mystery lad – Seated at the front right. We were all fairly poor back then but have you noticed he’s wearing wellies on a summer’s day. Hell his feet must have ponged after several hours at school.