My latest request from a customer was to add watercolour techniques to one of her wedding photos. They can look absolutely beautiful if done correctly, balancing the use of filters and hand painting using watercolour brushes.
Filtering is a great starting point and adds some of the pencil lines you’re going to need. But if you just use filters the end result is simply going to look mushy and cheap. The two examples below are of watercolour effects, one with soft brushes and the other using quite stiff brushes.
The soft brushes give this digital wedding watercolour that perfect moody romantic look, whilst the hard brushes give almost an oil painted finish.
I always like to offer more than the customer asks for and it was no different on this occasion. I removed the tree stays and made the hard brushed version entirely free. I’m sure this will compliment the room once they are printed.
So below you will see the finished Digital Wedding Watercolour, the hard brushed version and the original photo sent into me. Incidentally, both finishes were enhanced so that they could be printed at the least 50cm wide.

Original photo

Soft watercolour version

Hard dry brush watercolour version