David Beckham Toupeé & David Niven Jacket.

Apologies if the title is a little misleading yet both are included in this photo restoration.
Three photos were sent to me for restoration though this one deserves a place on it’s own. Quite simply it was in a terrible state with lots of that nasty leather crack effect showing up from the scan I was sent. Then you see all the obvious stuff like creases, scratches, fading and bits missing. I first tried changing the background as this always makes me feel that I have achieved something but in this case it didn’t work. The replacement background just wouldn’t blend in good enough so I went for plan B. This involves masking the subject off then doing some magic with smoothing and using some weird Photoshop brushes that I have collected over the years. This did the trick.
There was no way I could repair the hair in this photo which was a shame because there was some good detail in it. I guess I spent about 4 hours searching for a replacement headpiece and finally came up with one from a picture of David Beckham a couple of years back. So then the jacket, should I try to restore or find another? To me it all depends on what the subject looks like after restoration so I completed that first. As it happens the restoration turned out great so I had to find an old 1920’s jacket that I could manipulate and burn in to make it look like it belonged there. This is where David Niven came in. I found a suitable pose from around the same year as the photo and hey presto it worked marvelously.