This photo was sent into me by a lady who simply had to go to a wedding but was unfortunate to have to take along an embarrassing facial spot with her. Bad enough that this was on a refined lady, worse still was that it had slightly distorted her chin line too. I can only imagine how difficult it was for her having to explain to everyone and constantly being reminded of it, probably striving to concentrate on such a wonderful occasion.
So we all know that these things are superficial and the memories of the occasion are what matters. It will be the photos looked at year after year that would give some cause for concern. But thankfully she contacted me and asked if I could help her in some way, cosmetic surgery perhaps.
I’ll not go into details but this wasn’t a simple job by any means, it looked easy at first but a lot of pictures do look simple until you start work on them. I resolved all the issues and was reasonably satisfied with the results, sat back, took stock, and then noticed the guy spoiling the photo in the background. Once I had got him out of the picture I decided to give the lady a small makeover by reducing some of the character lines. I think she deserved it having been so brave venturing out where some people might have stayed at home and wept.
You need to be careful when you remove these lines from peoples faces, do too much and that person disappears. For instance, can you imagine Sid James from the Carry on films not having any character lines on his face? I doubt he would ever had gotten into those movies without them. So I erased just a few and just enough to make her feel pleased with the finished product.

Another photo from the wedding getting similar attention.