Colour desaturation for a free Christmas present.

I‘m currently running a chance for people to get free work from Photo Restore. I am amazed how reluctant people are to take up this free offer but understand people always think there’s a catch. Ok I am already well known to undercharge for my work so a freebie sounds to good to be true. The point is that I love doing this work and as it gets really close to Christmas my workload reduces as people realise there may not be enough time to have a photo restored. Offering a freebie gives me something to do, good practice for me and gets me a little extra notice from the world at large.

The lady that contacted me asked if I could do a colour desaturation on a photo she had. No problem I said, just send it over and I’ll discuss it further with you so that we were reading from the same book.
After viewing the picture I suggested a few more bubbles and perhaps a colour tint in the little girls top. It’s a bit odd doing a colour desaturation when a huge chunk of the subject is already white so the lady agreed and was very pleased with the outcome. In fact her comment was that it looked fabulous and was to be framed and mounted on her wall.

What do you think?