Beautiful photo of moonlight fishing.

Imagine this beautiful photo hanging from your wall. It’s so captivating to the point that you are sat on the lakeside watching this Chinese man fishing by moonlight. No sway in the trees, small lapping water at your feet, birds flying around hoping for a titbit.
The mood captured by this moonlight scene is so soothing and even romantic in it’s own way, so can you resist it when it’s on offer at just £6.00 for a digital copy.
Contact me if you would like a copy without the watermark and mention if you would like my signature discretely at the bottom of the photo.
Here are some of the details:
31 layers created to make up this scene, 9 hours to complete. Totally unique and crafted by myself. Can be slightly adjusted to your spec for an addition of appx’ £4.00.
It can be printed as high as 24″ without any loss of detail, double that if using a quality printer. This beautiful photo can also be cropped for you at no cost to suit your favourite photo frame.