recently received a request from a professional wedding photographer regarding a cellulite problem. I’ve worked with this company on several occasions so I asked them to send the photos via WeTransfer to which I duly received them. Personally I did not see the cellulite problem as a spoiler for the photograph, but a natural look for me is not what ladies want to see these days.

Fantastic photo, great bit of fun and well balanced so I was very pleased to accept the challenge.

The work done in Brief:

I couldn’t remove the cellulite problem with the easy method as it made everything a little too soft. Masking didn’t work too well either so I chose the long road and made quite a lot of patching from as many good areas that I could find. I started to get a little carried away until I remembered it was to be kept natural looking and not like the retouched photos you see in magazines. So a nice balance was found keeping a few blemishes and bumps here and there. It’s worked out really pleasing and the photographer pleasantly astonished at my work.
Cellulite problem removed, now I can enjoy the view ????

Cellulite problem

Cellulite problem resolved