I have to say that the original photo sent into me is absolutely stunning. I doubt the composition was deliberately done magnificently but the subject and clarity make this a beautiful photo to look at.
My customer had asked if I could rush out a photo for her using this great photo and changing it into one of my Young musician style of picture manipulation.
Rush? Me? Blimey?
Ok I said yes to her wanting it in time for Christmas as she needed to get it printed onto a Christmas card for her husband. It wasn’t plain sailing as the customer kept changing her mind and asking for little changes, I guess that’s a woman’s privilege.
The instrument had to be a particular favourite of her husbands which was a Gibson Les Paul, a Sunburst I think the model is called. That was pretty easy to find on Google and with quite a lot of twisting around with perspective I finally managed to get the angle right.
As for the rest of the work on the Beautiful baby musician, you can see for yourself down below. These weren’t the only versions as we tried B&W too. Heck we even changed the music sheet on the floor from Jingle Bells to Sweet child of mine. The customer finally decided on the first one listed here.

Other  versions  offered

The original beautiful baby photo sent into me.