Baggy trousers for the bride and perhaps the end of a long day for the groom. It’s amazing how the bride at most weddings can take the whole day with ease and yet their hero of the day flags quickly during the event (Doesn’t say much for us men does it). To be fair the groom will always struggle with aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, the list goes on. Whereas the bride will shine throughout the day and be the sensible one once it comes to the end of the reception party.
So what’s this all got to do with those infamous baggy trousers? Well if you’ve never really noticed, or been to intoxicated to remember, somehow the grooms shirt always ends up hanging out at the rear. Look at your own wedding photos and you will definitely see several male members of the wedding party with their pants ready to drop and the shirt hanging out. I believe the only reason they don’t fall (Hey don’t be naughty) is constantly being at the bar getting drinks for people and naturally having a little tug at the waistband. Totally forgetting about what’s happening at the back where your shirt is now free flying. So the groom ends up walking around with that baggy trouser look, perhaps occasionally being tidied up by his new bride.
By the end of the night though, there it is, too late to be corrected and you’re taking that last dance for all to see. The photographer can hardly come across and tuck the shirt in for you, could start a marital breakup particularly if they are female and in this instance it was.

The end of baggy trousers and that shirt.

I was asked if I could at least tuck the shirt in to make the groom more presentable, tidying up the baggy trousers would be a bonus if it could be done. The obvious method with the photo below would be to clone in something from Google images but finding something I could work with proved very difficult. I needed the right angle, hopefully with shades and textures plus the style had to be reasonably similar. Problem was neither myself or the photographer could come up with anything usable as another issue would be the need for high resolution.
I decided on using the clone stamp, patch tool and a lot of ingenuity. After a lot of hard work I finally got the photographers approval, payment and a very big thank you.

Sirt out, baggy trousers.                                                                   Shirt in, smart trousers.