Hi, I’m Steve, thank you for visiting my site.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am unbelievably cheap, I give you better quality than most in the business, and I have far more imagination than all of the rest put together. In the unlikely event that someone has quoted you less than myself, let me know and I will knock 20% of their price.
How do I do it? Firstly it’s a hobby that still gives me a kick even after 40 years. Secondly I hate people being ripped off by these so-called restorers who pretend how difficult something is knowing that you haven’t a clue. The simple fact is that modern software does most of the job for them. And hey, my degree in art has served me well for more than 30 years so I know what I am doing.
So my hobby is restoring photos and I love doing it therefore I do not price my work on an hourly basis but only for the complexity of the job.
I keep in touch with customers letting them see the progress I make and give you your own private viewing page so you may comment at any point on aspects of your photos. The price quoted to you will remain the same unless you ask for something extra like colourising so no need to worry as your repair progresses.
I get a great deal of satisfaction repairing photos for people. I know it makes you happy to see your treasured pictures brought back to life so that makes me happy too. If you have a look around my site you will see a variety of things that can be done with your photos including having some great fun with them. The services tab lists everything I do and well worth a look, particularly if you like those little cuties or things that make you giggle.
Please note that I do not print the finished photos as you would find it much cheaper to get them done at your local store, or cheaper still, on line. Some ambiguous restoration services will offer you this as part of the price, a good gimmick, and just another way to profit from you. I would be happy to supply a disk with your photos on if you have ordered several and this would be free of charge. 🙂