3D Snow scene for Christmas

I really enjoyed making this fun 3D Snow scene for Christmas. I came across a tutorial on making a scene like this using any Photoshop type software, Cs6 being the most favourable thing to use.
I simply had to have a go at it as it gave me an idea for using local landmarks in future projects. The tutorial was a massive 7 pages long and required you to register on several websites to get the necessary project files. This did not deter me and once all that was done I made a start of putting this photo below together. There was some very clever steps for getting the 3D effect, not just the way I normally do things either, lots of layers and time consuming masking etc’.
Some mistakes were made and I simply was not prepared to go back to repair them. I knew it was going to turn out great even after omitting some of the details the original author had included. I hope you like what I have created and that you keep your eye open for more to come. If you have a suitable photo taken at just over eye level (Which is best), send it in to me and we can have some fun with it.