3D Popup Fun.

A great idea for having a bit of fun with your photographs is to give them a 3D appearance. There are some limits to which photo you can use to do this but when it works they look brilliant. 3D Popup Fun pictures may include any subject you like, kids, pets, family, flower vase on a table, anything that has just a small plain area at the front and sides like in the examples below. Some photos can be a little difficult to work with when they have hair or fluffy hats but thankfully that’s about all that takes up the time making these.
They really do look good and the orders I have received back my statement up. From my point of view they are not very cost effective as some can be tricky and I rarely charge more than £6.00 so these are a great bargain for my customers.

First one is of my nephews son Lewis. It was just a photo I liked so had a go at it and unfortunately chopped off the dogs tail.

These are some that I created later, some for customers and some for the practice.