The photo here of a Police station in Skala, Kefalonia was a quick snap I took on holiday, you know the type, you look at it once or twice then delete it from your computer. However I decided to do my ‘forever practice’ techniques on it and was astonished at how much detail was hidden by the bleached effect. Considering how much I know about photography and photo restoration I was really surprised how details of the lane came out after just a little ‘burning in’, so much more tinkering was needed to satisfy my curiosity.
I replaced the sky as nothing I did could bring that back, removed the aerial which in truth was making the masking too time consuming. It started to look good so the next thing was to enhanced the colours and reduced the size of the Police sign as it looked far too large and obtrusive.
If you have any holiday photos that you thought were a great subject but have ended up with a disappointingly washed out mess, don’t assume they are lost. Send them over to me and if it simply means a quick ‘burning’ process I would only charge £5.00 each.