Crompton and Shaw

Crompton Park, Shaw, Oldham.

As with many Victorian townships Crompton has it’s own community park, most likely donated by a local dignitary during the cotton boom in the mid-19th century, and still a much favoured part of the town.
Speaking of which, to ensure that the woollen trade was kept buoyant, a law existed from 1675 to 1814 to encourage Shaw and Crompton’s wool production. It required that the deceased were to be buried in woollen garments. Business made some laws then just as it does today, or am I being cynical?

Back to the park – One of the most popular facilities within Crompton park was the paddling pool. Just about everyone took their children there to play and splash around, particularly in the 50’s and 60’s. An odd thing though, photos of the paddling pool are very rare indeed as locals seem not to realise how important their own history is to the community. It’s mainly thanks to Facebook that people have started to donate their photos so others can enjoy the past, and that’s where this lovely photo came from.
I restored it to a modest level leaving enough of that 50’s look to keep it’s charm. After researching ‘Bubble swimwear’, very popular at the time and ripe for jokes, I added some colour. I like to do this as it adds some impact and certainly gives the viewer the proper memory they have of the day. People didn’t walk around in black and white so why not assist their memories with a little colour.

Crompton Park paddling pool WMThis is the original photo and I guess you can see it’s reaching that point  where it seriously needs some love and affection.
The borders are a big giveaway in as much that they will show the first signs of deterioration simply because they are meant to be white.
So this is where Photo Restore stepped in.



Crompton paddling pool c1950'sThis is as far as I restored it and I hope you think it’s nice to look at.
I rarely do full colour unless asked to do so. It can spoil a B&W picture if you put too much colour in so this has what I call a splash colour.
The wall, pavement, swimwear and skin tones are all authentic colours. I doubt the water would have reflected as much blue that I have added, but it’s created just the right balance I think.



3D Mountain bike racing

3D Mountain bike effect with Adobe Photoshop.

I really like Mountain biking, mainly watching of course. It’s one of the greatest sports brought to us in the last decade.
I’ve made lots of 3D effect photos for people but they have always been of this ilk, see here. I wanted to try something different and maybe include my favourite sport into the bargain.
I have seen others try this method but most don’t really capture the idea of a 3D popup style effect. So here’s my attempt and it turned out a little more difficult than first imagined. Something I missed with this 3D Mountain bike effect was perhaps to include a little shading on the photo itself. By that I mean giving it some depth by adding shade to the border as it moves into the background. Definitely something I will add next time. I would also like to find a photo with the bikers head slightly more prominent so I can give that the same treatment too.

3D effect Mountain biker

Photo below is the original I used.

3D Mountain-Bike racer