Christmas eCards

Christmas eCards personalised just for you.

No time to send Christmas cards? Not enough money to send Christmas cards? Maybe you hate shopping for cards because you have no time to do it. Well look no further as Photo Restore has decided to start making Christmas eCards that are beautiful, animated and incredibly cost effective. These cards also have the facility to personalise them by way of adding your own photos, music of your choice, text and fonts. On all of these cards you can add your own personal greeting at the end with a voice recording easily downloaded from your mobile phone.

These Christmas eCards are a brilliant cost and time saving idea, and once you have your chosen card you can send it to as many people as you wish. They start at as little as £6.00 and can be ready within 24 hours.
How does this work? Simple, just send me your photos and voice recording (optional), suggest text editing if you wish and then I will put it all together for you and send you the file or place on disc for you.

Have a look at these Christmas eCards below. Notice that they are much longer than commercial ones and of course your photos will replace the originals along with your vocal message.

Christmas eCard – “Santa’s Presents”.
10 photo placements, Vocal message, Change text and music, 3 mins duration.

Christmas eCard – “Christmas is coming”.
5 photo placements (more can be added), Vocal message, Change text and music, 2 mins duration.

Christmas eCard – “Simple Greeting”.
4 photo placements (more can be added), Vocal message, Change text and music, 1 min duration.

David Beckham Toupeé

David Beckham Toupeé & David Niven Jacket.

Apologies if the title is a little misleading yet both are included in this photo restoration.
Three photos were sent to me for restoration though this one deserves a place on it’s own. Quite simply it was in a terrible state with lots of that nasty leather crack effect showing up from the scan I was sent. Then you see all the obvious stuff like creases, scratches, fading and bits missing. I first tried changing the background as this always makes me feel that I have achieved something but in this case it didn’t work. The replacement background just wouldn’t blend in good enough so I went for plan B. This involves masking the subject off then doing some magic with smoothing and using some weird Photoshop brushes that I have collected over the years. This did the trick.
There was no way I could repair the hair in this photo which was a shame because there was some good detail in it. I guess I spent about 4 hours searching for a replacement headpiece and finally came up with one from a picture of David Beckham a couple of years back. So then the jacket, should I try to restore or find another? To me it all depends on what the subject looks like after restoration so I completed that first. As it happens the restoration turned out great so I had to find an old 1920’s jacket that I could manipulate and burn in to make it look like it belonged there. This is where David Niven came in. I found a suitable pose from around the same year as the photo and hey presto it worked marvellously.

Grandad 20001WM         Grandad 20001

Darwen Day School 1913

Darwen Day School 1913, Shield and Baker cup winners.

Darwen day school 1913


The photo here shows the Darwen Day School 1913, Shield and Baker cup winners.
I have restored it as much as possible retagging the photo, rebuilding the all important shield and cup. The gent on the left was in bad condition but he looks pretty good now.



Darwen day school winners of the Baker cup and shield which must have been important in those days.

The original photo, as you can see, was badly damaged and almost at the end of its life. Perhaps not many people will recall the Darwen Day School 1913, Shield and Baker cup winners but at least the photo will now survive.





Small snippet about Darwen taken from Wikipedia:

The area around Darwen has been inhabited since the early Bronze age, and the remains of a Barrow from approximately 2000 BC have been partially restored at the Ashleigh Barrow in Whitehall. Artefacts including a bronze dagger and urns containing human ashes were found, and a small number of these finds are now on display at Darwen Library Theatre. The Romans once had a force in Lancashire, and a Roman road is visible on the Ordnance survey map of the area. Mediaeval Darwen was tiny; little or nothing survives. One of the earliest remaining buildings is a farmhouse at Bury Fold, dated 1675. Whitehall Cottage is thought to be the oldest house in the town, and was mostly built in the 17th and 18th centuries but contains a chimney piece dated 1557.

Wedding Photo Album

Wedding Photo Album with video clips.

A very sweet, nice and beautiful Wedding photo album which also includes small clips from your videos. You can have as many photos added to the album as you like and they can be portrait or landscape in orientation.
Adding small video clips to your album adds a really cool effect which gives it a lot more romantic feel to it. Watch the video and you will see what I mean, they give a nice surprise to the viewer as well so that’s definitely a bonus. The good news too is that adding the video clips costs no more than if they were still photos.
Because it’s getting close to Christmas I would offer this album to you for as little as £6.00 if using this standard setup, ie  12 photos. Around 30 photos would be say £10.00 and so on.
[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”2272″]
What you get with the package:
Your choice and amount of photos.
Small video clips from your wedding or other clips of your choosing.
Your choice of music which can be mixed.
All the text chosen by you.
The fonts can be changed to your preference.
There’s 3 styles in this video, you can have just one or all 3.
Other changes can be made at a small additional cost.