Photos of Royton

Photos of Royton and Oldham Borough.

I‘ve decided to take on a massive project restoring Photos of Royton and will include the whole of Oldham borough too.
The photo on this page sparked the idea, a truly iconic photo from Royton’s recent past and always brings pleasure to people who view it. You don’t find this kind of photo every day but that is the point of any photo album, magazine or online website. Browsing through photographs old or new is a pastime that will endure forever, the rewards are self evident and we love to find the fantastic one that spurs us on to look for more.
Medium restorations will be the target, some major restorations and plenty of colourising. I believe people will be surprised seeing my efforts with putting colour into old photos they may have seen before, I’ll keep most of them subtle so they keep the original nostalgic look and do some oomph ones that want to scream at us.
If you have any Photos of Royton or Oldham borough that you think need my help, just point me to them or upload them via the contact tab. I will do them for free on the condition I can use them at any time otherwise they wouldn’t fit in with the project (Photos for Royton and Oldham people).

As mentioned earlier, this photo of the Royton Grinnell Band has become an iconic masterpiece for the town, you can read a little more about it here.

Royton Ginnel Band is the iconic picture for Photos of Royton

Photos of Royton, ‘Royton Ginnel Band’

Wedding photo montage, Berkshire.

Wedding photo montage.

I was surprised to receive an order for a Wedding photo montage as I am still learning different techniques and ideas in producing them. I’m obviously doing something right if the lady chose me above anyone else. Worryingly for me was that there was quite a lot of photos involved and I imagined spending hours trying to make each set different but complimentary to each other.
After a good long chat over the internet I came up with the idea below and the lady decided she wanted all the montage’s doing the same but with slight adjustments to the angles and density of the film strip effect. Well that made it easy for me and surprised the lady when I reduced the price.
The customer wanted privacy which is something I always ask them. If I complete a job for you and you want it to stay private then that’s how it stays. However in this instance I was able to grab some photos off the web and replace her photos with these new ones as seen in this example.
If you want to view more of my Montage’s just click here.

Wedding Monatge

Wedding photo montage

Mother and Son

Mother and Son working together.

This photo of a Mother and Son was simply a quick restoration for a customer that found me a heap of work through his company director.
It was posted on Facebook as a family heirloom and it was so sad to see it in such a poor state when I know I can sort something like this in 10 min’s. So I grabbed it and offered it to the family concerned.
This type of damage is pretty simple to repair so don’t worry about cost, it’s cheap, it works, and if it makes you happy that’s what counts.

Grandmother and father to some.

Proud mother and son

3D effect on Galleon

3D effect on an original drawing by Ramon Bruin.

This 3D image of a galleon was an original sketch by a guy called Ramon Bruin. He’s a fascinating chap that sketches on three sheets of a4 paper and almost brings his drawings to life, you will have to click the link to see what I mean. The galleon was not sketched particularly well and if you look carefully there are plenty of errors that he’s made whilst executing his 3D effect. He has a great imagination though and has the ability to put his ideas into practical use.
The Galleon sketch he made was quite striking and reminded me of the technique I use to make my Photo Fun pictures that you can view in my gallery here. Just like Ramon Bruin’s sketches, my photos aren’t meant to be taken seriously but they look pretty good and I get a lot of requests to do these for other people.
I’m currently working out how to make 2D paper cut-outs of people and objects then sticking them into a 3D environment but I haven’t quite got it yet. Perhaps you don’t even know what I’m talking about but I am sure it will look great in the end.
So anyway, this photo you are looking at is my humble attempt to bring more life into Ramon Bruin’s  3D Galleon using my own techniques as I have mentioned earlier. I was really tempted to correct his sketching errors but thought it best to keep it simple. After all, my idea is to make a flat picture look 3D so changing things might be kind of cheating. Hope you like it and if you have anything similar that you would want to use my skills with just let me know. You can post in this blog or maybe go over to my Facebook page and comment there.

3D  galleon effect

3D effect on Galleon