Oldham Bus No 65

Oldham bus No 65 BU 7104.

The gentleman that sent this photo in for restoration has spent a life long time on The history of Oldham Transport. He worked for the corporation for many years and was often called on to photograph memorable instances, and now that he has retired he intends cataloguing his collection which covers everything from the trams to the demise of the service when First Bus took over.
He asked “Please find enclosed a photo of an Oldham bus which looks like it is in a dust storm, (we don’t get many in Shaw). It was taken in 1958 with a cheap camera on a poor day and it is the only one I have of that type. I would be grateful if you could do anything to improve it”.
The poor quality of the aging photograph was not the issue here, it was obviously the “sand storm” that was driving him to despair. It was fairly easy to remedy so I also enhanced it as much as possible and perhaps one day in the future I’ll give it a second shot and surprise him with an even better result at my cost.

Oldham bus No 65, registration BU 7104. A Leyland TS4 Roe body, new in 1932 and later sold to A.A. Crompton of Shaw in June 1948 for staff transport. In May 1959 it was sold to Jimmy Bollesty for scrap.
The photo was taken at Goats in front of the Woodend Mill. The information was somewhat sketchy but I believe this was in Crompton somewhere around Smallbrook Rd, and not Oldham as I first thought. I found good references to ‘Goats’ and have traced the mill even though the original burnt down in 1920 (Scroll down page for Woodend Mill). However the company that bought the bus in 1948 was definitely A. and A. Crompton and Co.

Oldham bus BU 7104 Picture taken 1958


Oldham 65 BU 7104 after photo restoration.

3D Popup

3D Popup Fun.

A great idea for having a bit of fun with your photographs is to give them a 3D appearance. There are some limits to which photo you can use to do this but when it works they look brilliant. 3D Popup Fun pictures may include any subject you like, kids, pets, family, flower vase on a table, anything that has just a small plain area at the front and sides like in the examples below. Some photos can be a little difficult to work with when they have hair or fluffy hats but thankfully that’s about all that takes up the time making these.
They really do look good and the orders I have received back my statement up. From my point of view they are not very cost effective as some can be tricky and I rarely charge more than £6.00 so these are a great bargain for my customers.

3D Popup Fun is just a bit of a laugh for sprucing up some of your photos.  3D Popup Fun with three young lads out sleding

3D Popup Fun with two young lads out sleding. Looks like one of them has to do the hard work.  3D Popup Fun with Lewis in the back garden.

3D Popup Fun with a simple object from your house.