Gravestone Restoration

Gravestone Photo Restoration.

This Gravestone Photo Restoration was very special to my client. I like to know the history of some pictures that I work on but due to the subject I decided it was best kept private to the owners memories. I had to ask if it was just the gravestone that mattered and not the surrounding area as in some places it was too bad to simply restore. After suggesting that I import a new surround for this Gravestone Photo Restoration the client became intrigued and gave me the ok.
You can see clearly what I have done with the stone as I reconstructed  it to the full size, but what I also did was blend in new background objects, manipulated  them to copy the original effect then hoped it looked good enough for my client, fortunately he was very pleased.
There are more examples of restorations on this page .

Deceptively difficult Gravestone Photo Restoration. Most of the picture ellements were imported into it. Gravestone Photo Restoration were Patrik was laid to rest.

For your curiosity, the photographs below where used to help photo reconstruct the gravestone picture.

Not just any grass, but the grass needed for restoring Gravestone Photo Restoration I used this tree many times for this Gravestone Photo Restoration Another tree used in the Gravestone Photo Restoration Ineeded some extra background for the Gravestone Photo Restoration       tree4          weeds

Family photo Restoration

Photo Restoration of Family Photo.

I really must stop using the description bad condition for photos sent into me, they wouldn’t be sent in for restoration unless they were bad I guess 🙂
This example below is of the common ilk in that it was full of creases, inclusions and needed urgent attention before getting any worse, and they do get worse in time. So on this Family Photo I started by resizing it and doing some advanced jiggery-pokery to get it as crisp as possible. It’s one of the first thing a restorer should so you can see all the damage properly, nothing like a bit of sharpening to do that. After that it is all down to my magic macros, plenty of eye strain until I get the result that hopefully the owner will appreciate. My client loved the result and sent in a couple more once he could trust my work and price. Hope you like it. More restorations for your viewing are here on the Photo Restorations page.

Family Photo for restoration of "Nana and Brother". After restoration, Family Photo of Nana and Brother.

Percy Platt, Oldham.

Percy Platt.

The Percy Platt shop was on Union St Oldham and were the sole traders in the town for Bradbury Motor cycles. They also sold sewing machines which is kind of a weird combination of goods but I guess they knew what they were doing. Perhaps it was part of the deal with Bradbury’s as they made the sewing machines as well as the bikes.
Although we are looking at the shop here, there is a great little website showing the history of Bradbury Motorcycles here, and if you Google their name you will find lots of photos of motorcycles they produced. I might also mention that if you have any photographs or other media relating to Bradbury’s, their family would be very interested in them.

Percy Platt, Oldham selling Bradbury Motor Cycles c1909

Bradbury Motor Cycles c1909

3½ h.p. belt-driven Bradbury c1912 possibly sold at Percy Platt, Oldham

3½ h.p. belt-driven Bradbury c1912








Back to Percy Platt.

This page is about “Before & After” or “Yesteryear Then & Now” so what happened to Percy Platt’s shop at 129 Union St, Oldham? It’s quite amusing (Or maybe not) to see who occupies the premises today, It’s a sex shop owned by Simply Pleasure and I am not sure how to write this in a sympathetic manner. But consider this, once you could buy a bone shaking piece of engineering equipment from these premises, now you can erm, still buy the same 🙂

Percy Platt now

Simply Pleasure sex shop

Graffiti Wedding photo

Graffiti Wedding photo manipulation.

A customer asked:
“Just been looking at your website and wondered if you could help. I love all our wedding photos but want to try and create a really contemporary feel to one of them. I got the idea from   looking at some other examples of wedding photography in particular with graffiti behind in black and white or next to an old fashioned phone box etc”

So I browsed for Urban Wedding, Fantasy wedding, and Graffiti wedding to get some ideas to offer her as samples. However I did ask the lady if she was nuts 🙂 but once I got into looking around Google I discovered that this idea is quite popular. So it turns out that she was not nuts and indeed is a very beautiful young mum with a gorgeous baby and handsome husband. It’s a trendy thing to have done and I got carried away with my ideas for her. Photo Manipulations are great fun and in this case was something new for me to get my teeth into. She was amazed at how much time I allowed for discussing things with her but I think you will agree that the results were fantastic. The one I have done with the 3D hands freaked her out but otherwise she loved them all. Oh, and she likes old telephone boxes.
After the initial selections of the subjects this method is quite easy to fit people into any background you would require, so once you have the first one made the rest are very inexpensive.
Have a scroll down the page as there’s plenty of variety for you to look at.



Hip hop girl

Photoshop Hip hop girl

For people that do not know me very well I like to relax from photo restorations by simply making some Fun Photoshop pictures. This one of a Hip hop girl dancing away jumped out at me whilst browsing the web, I just had to do something with it.
What you see here is a robotic arm, electric cable thingy, arm combustion, and some cool cartoon transition in legs and feet. I added other stuff but mainly enhanced some colours to make it shout out a little.

Hip hop girl with laser lights, robotic arm and catooned legs. Nothing new then.