More Montage

Modern Photo Montage.

This Modern Photo Montage was made for a repeat client so he received it for free. No I am not stupid, I was using his photo to practice something and the outcome was that good I sent a copy to him. He liked it, I liked it, and I’m guessing you like it too.
I don’t like the old style Photo Montage, perhaps that’s a bit of a harsh comment, they are just not on my favourite list at this present time. Old style montages to me are simply a way of squishing lots of photos together in a very meaningless way. I have an imagination, a good imagination which I use to try and bring something more viewable in this day and age. So off I go and browse the web in search of inspiration, and anything can set me off into thinking new ways of doing things and how to present them. Modern Photo Montage is exciting and brings more impact into the subject.
The examples below will give you a small idea of what the heck I’m babbling about 🙂

Modern Photo Montage of the King's Own Terriers. A nice new look to stuffy old styles.


Modern Photo Montage in black and gold finish. Everyone's going to see it, everyone's going to love it.
This idea of mine has really given the montage plenty of wow factor. Ok the photos may be adding to it but believe me almost all photos are suitable.












montage 3  WM

Modern Photo Montage with a simple but effective approach. Will look great with multiple ‘same subject’ photos.

Not exactly a full montage but how powerful do you find this technique? I will be using this idea again soon but with more individual photos. It’s going to look brilliant.

Playing with colours

Photoshop Colourising.

Adding colour to old photographs can have an amazing effect, indeed removing colour from more modern pictures can have much the same result. Many photos used for advertising will use splash colours to get the viewers attention, they remove all the colours except the saleable item and your eye is immediately drawn to it.
The same can be done with your old B&W’s, add colour to the main subject and it becomes the very thing advertisers seek to offer and tempt you with.

B&W or Colour?

This photoshopped example below could be mistaken for an old picture, maybe around the 1940’s, that has had a splash of colour added to the main subject. It’s actually a modern day photo turned into B&W then colour added for impact. A little more photoshopping  was needed when I did this to remove some tell tail signs of its true age like for instance, a reflection in the door was of a modern collapsible chair. Which ever way you choose to look at it, the visual impact is quite impressive and the great thing is that this can be applied to many of your old or new photos.

Photoshop Colourising, removal or adding colour adds real impact to a photo.

Halloween in Royton

Halloween fun in Royton.

Another one of my Photo Fun projects for the people of Royton, my home town. As I have mentioned before I like to do these Photoshop’s for the people of my local town and Halloween was no exception. So what could be more appropriate for this time of year but Halloween fun in Royton. Pretty much everything you see in this photo of the town centre was manipulated in some way. All the lights from the windows and cars were added as this was daytime in the original photo. Plenty of ghouls and movie characters were included and the dramatic sky which almost dominates the photo was once a bright fluffy clouded summers day.
I stuck a fun bit in where people had to find the witch and offered a free restoration for the first person to get it right. Can you see here? I’ll give you a clue, it’s a witch.

Halloween fun in Royton is another of my fantasy pictures made for my local town.

1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers c1915

Kings Own Terriers c1915.

A repeat order from a client involving the 1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers. He asked that this restoration and colourising be a little more subtle than the first one I did see here because by this time these guys had already engaged in combat. His reasoning was that their uniforms would be seeing the worse for wear after a year or more fighting in Ypres (Dutch, Leper) Belgium. I tend to agree as we have all seen how dreadful this war was, muck and bullets comes to mind.
A small piece of history for you:
1/4th Battalion.
August 1914 : in Ulverston. Part of North Lancashire Brigade, West Lancashire Division. April 1915, Brigade attached to 51st (Highland) Division and became 154th (3rd Highland) Brigade. Landed at Boulogne in May 1915. 6th January 1916 : transferred to 164th (North Lancashire) Brigade, 55th (West Lancashire) Division. Remained on the Western Front until the end of the war
So I restored the photo by refreshing the backdrop, several new ones were investigated but the original came out the best. I then applied all my usual stuff like removing colour cast, creases, scratches etc’. Once complete I then added the colours as requested, keeping the them subdued but still visible to the viewer and below is the result.

1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers c1915 before restoration   1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers c1915 taking a break from the war

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Royton at Christmas

Christmas in Royton.

We all like Christmas and there’s nothing better than having your Christmas in Royton. I do some crazy fun photos when I have time and one of the things I have become known for in my local town is Photoshopping Royton town centre. I’ve done holes in the road where people have actually stated on the local community FB site that they had been out to check how bad it was. I’ve flooded the place after a bad storm and placed a surfer going through the traffic lights, and again a poster put that they checked to see how bad it really was haha. Ok so some people are gullible and some just want to see something dramatic, this is what I am here for.
This bit of photo fun, Christmas in Royton, was just for the locals which got some real good reviews. The people of Royton are always up for a laugh and the ladies especially like a bit of cute stuff, so here lay my inspiration for my Christmas offering.
The photo is of Rochdale road running through Royton town centre. It caused so many comments that people wanted me to make Christmas cards from it but unfortunately I didn’t have the time (Next year defo’).

Photo fun with Christmas in Royton