Photo Monatge

Photo Montage examples.

A few months ago I had a go at Photo Montage but didn’t really try as there wasn’t much demand for it. Several customers have had me make up montages particularly for wedding and family pictures so I have had to rethink how to make better jobs of them. I can’t show examples of what I did as they are private and unique to my clients and they don’t want anyone else to copy them, so here’s some new ideas I have had which show how much I have progressed in designing them.
I do my best to stay away from those awful montages that try to cram 50 photos into one picture frame. If you’re going to do that you might as well just have a pin board whereby you don’t have to pay some guy with no imagination messing it up for you. If you want that type of montage I’m sure I can do it for you but perhaps with a little more pizzazz. I’ll do some examples in the near future to see if I can make them easier on the eye. I really try and keep my ideas unique and more suitable for modern houses.

Photo Montage can be very attractive if done sympathetically.
I really like this Black and Gold border effect. It would look spectacular in the right place. Very powerful and I hope quite unique to me.








Photo Montage? Well not exactly but it's based on the same idea and many people like this style I have produced.

Maybe it was the happy couple or maybe the position they were in, either way I think this is the best montage I have done so far. I know it’s not really a montage but this is the best category to place it in.
Colour desaturation works with every photo you can show me. It can be a pretty cheap way to give your photos a unique look. It can also be moderately expensive too if you want very detailed colour desaturation. I guess it all depends on what the customer requires.
The wedding couple photo shown here would have been free with another job and just £5.00 on it’s own.
It costs you nothing for a quote from me and nothing until you are happy with the result. Give me a try, don’t be shy 🙂