Wedding photo montage, Berkshire.

Wedding photo montage.

I was surprised to receive an order for a Wedding photo montage as I am still learning different techniques and ideas in producing them. I’m obviously doing something right if the lady chose me above anyone else. Worryingly for me was that there was quite a lot of photos involved and I imagined spending hours trying to make each set different but complimentary to each other.
After a good long chat over the internet I came up with the idea below and the lady decided she wanted all the montage’s doing the same but with slight adjustments to the angles and density of the film strip effect. Well that made it easy for me and surprised the lady when I reduced the price.
The customer wanted privacy which is something I always ask them. If I complete a job for you and you want it to stay private then that’s how it stays. However in this instance I was able to grab some photos off the web and replace her photos with these new ones as seen in this example.
If you want to view more of my Montage’s just click here.

Wedding Monatge

Wedding photo montage

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