Tommy Robinson ( Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) , a man with a past that cannot be shaken off.

Tommy Robison is a brave and selfless man who has a pretty shady past that will never be shaken off or forgotten. He’s brave because he is the only person in Britain to relay news to the public which covers Child grooming, rape, and coverups by the media. Recently he has had his Facebook page removed, temporarily stopping him from contacting his followers. His recent exposé on the BBC’s Panorama programme is being taken down by all sorts of media which suggests a fight back by the said media but his documentry must stay available to the public.
I have therefore uploaded his video to my hobbyist website where it will stay as long as people wish to view the news which he has uncovered. It’s a brilliant “Catch the Rat” trap for the unfortunate John Sweeney and just shows where your BBC’s licence fee goes. Gluttony and beer comes to mind and this has made me take the decision not to renew my BBC licence. But watch the video, it’s brilliant and take note of John Sweeney’s body language, talk about squirm when the traps closed.
The video will be available as soon as I have reduced the file size.

Until the time the video is ready, you can view it here Panodrama.