Elsworth Rovers 1929

Elsworth Rovers football team 1929

This is the Elsworth Rovers football team (Cambridgeshire) of 1929-1930 after winning the Histon and District cup. Elsworth is a small town sited between Cambridge and Huntingdon and quite picturesque if you care to visit the area.  The photo was sent into me for restoration and was in very poor condition as you can see below. I suspect the picture was actually a mobile phone snap of the original taken in poor light which resulted in it being blurred. If you aren’t aware, blurring can not be restored no matter how good you are so I had a look around the net to see if there was anything else I could use. Surprisingly I found one straight away but it was from a local chronicle which obviously had copyright affixed to it. After merging the two photos copyright has no sway with ownership so both pictures helped to get the restoration looking really good.

Helston Rovers football team 1929The original photo of Elsworth Rovers football team winning the Histon & district cup in 1929-30.
Just click the photo to enlarge and you will see how bad it was and definitely needed the inclusion of the one I found within the archives of the Elsworth Chronicle.
You may ask why bother with this blurred one when the chronicle one was a much better quality. The answer is pretty simple in that you can’t use copyrighted material without permission. I discovered it was also embedded copyright so using both photos was not just necessary but also very useful when looking for reference points during repair. There was quite a lot of damage on the chronicle photo with things like inclusions and general dust and scratches therefore putting them together gave me that perfect result.

Restoration of Elsworth football team photo.The restoration.
If you enlarge this photo you will see how great the photo restoration turned out. I managed to sharpen it up somewhat from the chronicle photo and then performed all the repairs that were required. I put more contrast in to give it some much needed depth of field and added a few more touches to totally enhance the photo.
This is the names of the team line-up in 1929:
Back row – J W Throssell, S Braybrook, H Noble, W Sulman, T Fountain, W Parnell, C Tabraham, M Fisher, F Wayman.
Middle row – S Buckley, J Parnell, L Jessop, D Circus, B Wayman.
Front row – P Childerley, C Lambert.

Elsworth Rovers 1929 - 1930 in full colourThe final product.
Unfortunately my research did not find what colours Elsworth Rovers played in, though I’m quite familiar with shades on B&W photos so I decided on Gold and Black.
I doubt they were the actual colours but the team looks damn good to me and the customer so they are staying like this for the history books.
If you know what the colours really were, drop me a line and I’ll change them if they aren’t too drab 🙂

Family photo restoration

Family photo restoration 1970’s

They say no pain no gain. Never thought of that saying relating to restoring a photograph but I sure do now.
I had a visit from two lovely ladies who presented this photo to me asking if I could repair it. At first glance it looked moderately simple though on closer inspection it looked a bit of a nightmare. Many strange marks developed after apparently being under glass for perhaps 30 years or more. Looking at the marks I suspect they were caused by frequently cleaning the photo frame which may have moved the picture slightly over time.
family photo restoration showing damage and scan lines.


The damage was exacerbated when I scanned it in. It wasn’t possible to remove it from the cardboard backing which meant the scanner light created reflections all over the photo. So I had to dig into my bag of tricks and pull out a great macro that I’ve had for a while now.
It worked very well getting rid of all the reflections and also some of the small lighter marks.


The arms and legs on this family photo restoration presented a real task for me but with lots of patience, care and attention, I was able to clear most of it away.
Stains and scratches are pretty simple for me to erase yet marks like these in the photo took a lot more time.


Family photo restoration fully complete and ready for colourising.


Family photo restoration complete.
This is the end result, very much liked and appreciated by my customer which is the most important thing.
All it needs now is some colour. I love to add a little colour if the photo begs for it and this one screamed at me for that little extra touch.





So the family photo restoration is now complete and looking much more happy with the added colour. Looks great to me so I hope you readers like it too.

3D Mountain bike racing

3D Mountain bike effect with Adobe Photoshop.

I really like Mountain biking, mainly watching of course. It’s one of the greatest sports brought to us in the last decade.
I’ve made lots of 3D effect photos for people but they have always been of this ilk, see here. I wanted to try something different and maybe include my favourite sport into the bargain.
I have seen others try this method but most don’t really capture the idea of a 3D popup style effect. So here’s my attempt and it turned out a little more difficult than first imagined. Something I missed with this 3D Mountain bike effect was perhaps to include a little shading on the photo itself. By that I mean giving it some depth by adding shade to the border as it moves into the background. Definitely something I will add next time. I would also like to find a photo with the bikers head slightly more prominent so I can give that the same treatment too.

3D effect Mountain biker

Photo below is the original I used.

3D Mountain-Bike racer

Darwen Day School 1913

Darwen Day School 1913, Shield and Baker cup winners.

Darwen day school 1913


The photo here shows the Darwen Day School 1913, Shield and Baker cup winners.
I have restored it as much as possible retagging the photo, rebuilding the all important shield and cup. The gent on the left was in bad condition but he looks pretty good now.



Darwen day school winners of the Baker cup and shield which must have been important in those days.

The original photo, as you can see, was badly damaged and almost at the end of its life. Perhaps not many people will recall the Darwen Day School 1913, Shield and Baker cup winners but at least the photo will now survive.





Small snippet about Darwen taken from Wikipedia:

The area around Darwen has been inhabited since the early Bronze age, and the remains of a Barrow from approximately 2000 BC have been partially restored at the Ashleigh Barrow in Whitehall. Artefacts including a bronze dagger and urns containing human ashes were found, and a small number of these finds are now on display at Darwen Library Theatre. The Romans once had a force in Lancashire, and a Roman road is visible on the Ordnance survey map of the area. Mediaeval Darwen was tiny; little or nothing survives. One of the earliest remaining buildings is a farmhouse at Bury Fold, dated 1675. Whitehall Cottage is thought to be the oldest house in the town, and was mostly built in the 17th and 18th centuries but contains a chimney piece dated 1557.