Last restore of 2017

My last restore of 2017

This is my last photo restoration for 2017 and what a job it turned out to be. I had to keep walking away from it as the concentration was tiring me out, maybe my old age or possibly the detail.
The photo was part of 33 photos sent to me by a repeat customer so I have got to know his family quite well albeit through the pictures themselves. I can’t give any details, which I like to do with some of them, they are brought to me via an old work friend and not the customer.
The one I’ve chosen to show you here, last restore of 2017, was the worst of the bunch but all had their own difficulty level. There was so much to do with this photo, very tiring to my poor brain but I got there in the end. I could have done a lot more with this but the cost would have risen and the customer was very happy with the result. Hope you all like it and I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

After last restore of 2017

Last restore of 2017

Scots guard

This was a great photo to work on but this Scots guard needed some careful work doing to it. A customer who is fairly local to me (Rochdale) wanted this picture restored so he could frame it and be placed with his medals. The Scots guard is actually his father and it’s wonderful to meet someone that still cares about our hero’s albeit his father. I’m guessing with all the recent commemorations going on that he went through his dads stuff and thankfully brought it to me for repair.
I completed this today and he picked it up this morning and I believe he was extremely happy with it.


Scots guard in need of my talents

Too much restoration

Is there such a thing a too much restoration? Yes of course there is. Most examples of this can be spotted easily as they look way too false which I have seen many times by another restoration artist who lives not very far from myself. Although he gets a reasonable amount of work he has a habit of drawing stuff into the picture to assist repair but the eye cannot be deceived, you can tell somethings wrong. I like to repair as much as possible and if I can’t grab or clone something I will search the net for something similar, never sketching it in.
Why too much restoration in this photo then? Well I have a habit of perhaps cleaning up things to make a picture nicer, like maybe dog dirt on the floor or a person walking by. In this case I removed some ‘leaves’ on the floor which I thought made it a lot tidier. When the customer saw the result he asked very politely “Is it possible to put the flowers back into the photo?” He wanted them in the photo to show a relative and ask if it was a particular flower that he thought he recognised. Easy to put back and in future I will ask before I remove something haha.



Too much restoration, go back and try again

Little cutie

I guess this little cutie was sat close to the heart of my customer where it suffered damage purely from wear and tare. Quite often we keep our nearest and dearest in our purses or wallets and that constant movement gives motion to that creeping damage that you don’t notice over the years. A bit like your cars brakes that don’t work as efficient as when you first bought it.
So I received this photo needing urgent attention and was asked if I could do anything with it. I had two photos to work from, unusually one of them had already been photo shopped but the customer obviously wasn’t satisfied with the result. In the end it wasn’t too difficult to repair, it was just a matter of time.
The customer got his little cutie back in time and when he called back to collect it he visibly gasped. Personally I’m not saying mine was that good a repair (I never like my own work) but if the customer reacts like he did I’m a happy man.


A little cutie in need of restoring

Ginormous photo restoration

Ginormous photo restoration, nope not an exaggeration. This restoration took me ages to complete but it had to be done. The lovely gentleman had recently lost his wife and wanted this particular photo of her restoring as best as possible. He was at my doorstep so I could hardly refuse him and on top of all that he had a deadline as he was returning to Ireland at the end of the month.
I kept most of the detail in the photo though I had to improvise in one or two areas. Sticking a car of that era into the top right of the picture was pretty tricky but then that’s why I have entitled this ginormous photo restoration.
I couldn’t lighten the darker areas as there was no information there. Sometimes I’ll clone stuff from another photo but in this instance there wasn’t enough time. The gentleman was truly overcome when he came round to collect it.


Ginormous photo restoration needed for this