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Removing Mother

Removing Mother from this photograph was not for the normal reasons my customers ask. This photo was purely to have a picture of the gentleman on his own, an extra photo if you like.
I was asked if I could present the gentleman on his own so the lady had something to possibly frame and place nearby to which she could look at and recall their happy memories.

I did a little more than requested like cleaning up the beach and removed some marks from the gents hands hoping this would be acceptable. I sometimes remove stuff like a ciggy in someones hand and later find out that it would be a talking point. Ouch lol.

So this is the finished photo on the right. I hope you all like it as there was a couple of tricky bits which took some time, but hopefully it’s been done to my customers satisfaction.


Dianne Abbott

This post of Dianne Abbott is kind of a follow up from one I did way back in October I think, the link is here if you wish to look. I don’t want to get political on my website but I do want to show any of my work that I am particularly happy with or is humorous.
Dianne Abbott has quite a reputation in politics mainly for her inability to do simple math. I hope it’s just nerves that condemn her to being a bit of a laughing stock  but it does happen pretty frequently. I have removed the wording within the photo but you can perhaps check it out on my Facebook page if you so desire.
So just please enjoy the spirit it was meant to give you.

Dianne Abbot

New Zealand

New Zealand

A client from New Zealand sent three photos into me for photo enhancement. They all required differing levels of manipulation but I kept the price low as I always do. One was just a simply background change to add more blue to the sea, another was needing the same but with some cosmetic work on the ladies face. Unfortunately the shadows and awkward pose left her with more chin than she deserved so this was quickly removed along with a small touch up around her eyes. The final one just needed clutter removing from the background and defocusing which was done with a perspective defocus.

All made my customer from New Zealand very happy.























Peter Lenk

Turning a sculpture into a cartoon.

I came across a photo whilst browsing through my interests on Pinterest and I had to learn more about it as it made me laugh, smile uncontrollably and cringe quite a lot. It’s a relief made by sculptor Peter Lenk who has produced more of these and had them displayed all over Germany.
You can learn more about Peter Lenk by clicking here.

So having looked at all his sculptures I decided on this one below to be a challenge. My own sense of humour and the current events going on in my own country enticed me. The importance of making a photo manipulation of Peter Lenk’s relief was to get the peoples faces and expressions right. I didn’t worry too much about blending the heads in perfectly, I just had to find the right people with the right expressions. I think I found the perfect ones. Jeremy Corby’s face being a good example.

Here is my effort and the original Peter Lenk’s relief below that, hope you all like it.

Peter Lenk relief with my interpretation of it. Sharmishta Chakrabarti, Tony Blair, Emily Thornberry, Jeremy Corbyn, Bob Geldof.


















Ideas from; Sharmishta Chakrabarti, Tony Blair, Emily Thornberry, Jeremy Corbyn, Bob Geldof.




Peter Lenks relief sculpture


Another good example using poor ole Jeremy Corbyn again.