Saving photos – Silica Gel

This is just another quick tip on preserving your precious old photographs, Saving photos – Silica Gel.  It may be an obvious idea now that you have read the opening title but how many of you have thought of doing this? It’s a well proven science that silica gel absorbs moisture and keeps everyday items from having their lives shortened by the dreaded damp. Most houses will suffer damp which will find its way into anything with differing temperatures, the attic for instance.


many uses for silica gelAll photos will deteriorate over time, mostly by the silver which starts to degenerate. Not much you can do about this unless you want to spend money on costly preserving techniques that historical archivists use. So plain and simply use silica gel to slow down the inevitable. You can purchase silica gel but why do that when almost everything you buy these days has small sachets thrown in to protect your new product from damp. Collect them and put the little buggers in your biscuit tins, photo boxes and album covers.




There’s a million uses for silica gel which is why you see so many of them. Listed below are some ideas you have probably never considered:

  1. Save your old photos – Old photos usually deteriorate with time, which is really sad because they are the sole reminders of our past and are quite dear to our hearts. Put a couple of silica gel bags in your box of old photos to save them from the dampness that can ruin them.
  2. Put them in your sports bag – Your bags main purpose is to absorb the extra moisture and protect your shoes. Bacteria mostly thrive in damp and moist environments so they can help you eliminate the dampness and germs from your sports bag. They can also eliminate the foul odour.
  3. Make your razors last longer – Don’t leave your razor around in the bath where it’s always wet. Put it in a plastic container with a silica bag inside. It will make it last longer.
  4. Save drowned phone – When your phone drops in water and gets all wet, instead of putting it in a jar of rice try the same with silica bags. Fill a jar with them and put your mobile in, it will be much more effective.
  5. Your makeup bag – Every women needs to have a bag or two of silica gel in her make up purse or bag. It will stop the powdery make up from curdling.
  6. Front windscreen – This one is brilliant. Instead of waiting for the air conditioning to do its job, which in older car models can take forever, put a bunch of these silica gel bags under your windshield from the inside immediately. You’ll see that tomorrow your windows won’t be foggy. It’s the fastest way to stop your windows from fogging up and you’ll save yourself the 10 extra minutes needed to clean them up.