Shiloh Spinners

Shiloh Spinners sports day, Royton.

It was quite common for large companies to organise sports or fun days for their employees back in the 50’s. Many had Christmas parties for all the family and the lucky ones got a sports day during the summer. The Elk mill used to have one every year sponsored of course by the owners Shiloh spinning company. They were brilliant for kids mainly because of the fairground rides and plenty of sports activities to join in with.
The photo below shows a time for great fun at the Elk mill, Royton. It’s one that I have restored for myself after living and marrying a Royton girl. There’s some fascinating history surrounding the town so all these photos I have collected will go into a special page for my personal memories.
Hope you like the restoration and colourising, there’s plenty more to come.

This photo – Restored and Colourised.

Shiloh spinners annual sports day

This photo – The original before restoration.

Shiloh Sports Day, original photo

Shiloh Spinners

February 17, 1874, eleven Royton men of modest means met and decided to float a cotton spinning company. There could have been no more suitable place than Royton for this venture, for Royton boasts the first cotton mill in Lancashire – the Old Mill, Thorp Clough. Built in 1764 in the village of Thorp it was less than two miles away from Holden Fold, where these eleven Roytonians decided to build their new mill. They decided to call the new venture the Shiloh Spinning Company Ltd., named after an old wooden mill of the same name partially destroyed by fire which stood on the site they proposed to purchase.
In 1926 work was started on the Elk mill, Royton and was completed and opened in 1927.

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