Royton Ginnel gang

Royton Ginnel gang, Spring Garden St.

These five youngsters including Harry Green, Jim Duxbury and Ron Allen are posing in the back passageway off Spring Garden St, Royton. The photo will go into my collection of old photos from my hometown Royton. I have a long term project of restoring all the old photos I can get my hands on and in most cases will colourise them and perhaps put them to disc later.
I have three photos of these particular cheeky kids but the other two require quite a lot of restoration before I can add any colour to them. I understand that they belong to a gentleman who does a lot of research on his family tree and who kindly gave me permission to use them. I hope he will be pleasantly surprised when I send these colour versions back to him. His name incidentally is Collin Wood and you can find his blog here should you wish to read some of his memoirs from Royton.
The photo didn’t require too much restoration and I do like to leave a certain amount of oldness to pictures that I repair. The colouring is never easy but I think this will end up as one of those iconic photos of Royton like the Ginnel Band I restored some time back.

Royton Ginnel Gang Spring Garden St.


An iconic photo from Royton's Spring Garden St.

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