Restored and Colourised

Restored and Colourised Group of photos.

You can see here a set of photos sent into me for Photo Restoration, a bit of sharpening and Photo Colourising.
Doing this sort of work for money is likely to make you go bankrupt if your prices are too high, or too low in my case. Personally I don’t suffer from this as I enjoy doing these restorations as a hobby that pays for treats rather than rip my receding hair out in frustration. It makes a big difference and often allows me to give plenty of my time up to a seemingly difficult repair which also pleases the customer.
Have a look at this Group of photos Restored and Colourised. How many times do you go through your old family photos and not even consider how much more delight they will give you if restored and possibly colourised. Being in the business I am well aware of the difference but it is only when the public see my work that they suddenly think how nice it would be to have some of their own done. But then they have to consider the price as most restorers will charge £12 to £15 for each one of these examples. Worse still, you get no time with them trying to explain how you wish to display the colours. With me it’s all about you going away satisfied so if it takes all week to get it right, that’s how it will be done.

1960's Mum original photo   1960 Mum in Group of photos Restored and Colourised

1937 Photo of Nan needing restoration   1937 Nan in a Group of photos Restored and Colourised

1954 Nan and Grandad original B&W   1954 Nan and Grandad in the Group of photos Restored and Colourised

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