Photo reconstruction is more than just enhancing or manipulating. An example is rebuilding a house that no longer exists.

Gravestone Restoration

Gravestone Photo Restoration.

This Gravestone Photo Restoration was very special to my client. I like to know the history of some pictures that I work on but due to the subject I decided it was best kept private to the owners memories. I had to ask if it was just the gravestone that mattered and not the surrounding area as in some places it was too bad to simply restore. After suggesting that I import a new surround for this Gravestone Photo Restoration the client became intrigued and gave me the ok.
You can see clearly what I have done with the stone as I reconstructed  it to the full size, but what I also did was blend in new background objects, manipulated  them to copy the original effect then hoped it looked good enough for my client, fortunately he was very pleased.
There are more examples of restorations on this page .

Deceptively difficult Gravestone Photo Restoration. Most of the picture ellements were imported into it. Gravestone Photo Restoration were Patrik was laid to rest.

For your curiosity, the photographs below where used to help photo reconstruct the gravestone picture.

Not just any grass, but the grass needed for restoring Gravestone Photo Restoration I used this tree many times for this Gravestone Photo Restoration Another tree used in the Gravestone Photo Restoration Ineeded some extra background for the Gravestone Photo Restoration       tree4          weeds

Reconstructing my old school

Eustace Street school.

For many years I’ve meant to get down to reconstructing Eustace Street school by way of old photo records and anything else I can get my hands on. My old infant and junior school was unfortunately demolished before I could get some pictures and maybe even get a peek inside which was a tragedy in itself but then I found absolutely nothing on the internet either. Eustace Street school now demolished left me gutted as the only photos I personally had were of the rear yard where the school annual photos were taken.
I stumbled on some photos a councillor had taken of it in a derelict state which gave me the idea of Photo Reconstruction. Not easy to do and quite time consuming but I will complete this venture eventually.
The idea is to pinch stuff from other schools of similar age, copying windows, doors and walls etc and making my old school look like I remembered it. Photo reconstruction has now a whole new meaning to me.

The first picture is of the junior Girls & boys entrances and as you can see it’s badly neglected. Second photo shows some work I have done on it and the third a heck of a lot more. There’s a lot more to do and only time will tell if I get there in the end (I’m sure I will). Come back another day and search Eustace street school.

Recontstructing Eustace Street school

Recontstructing Eustace Street school

Recontstructing Eustace Street school

Recontstructing Eustace Street school, stage 1

Reconstructing Eustace Street school

Reconstructing Eustace Street school, stage 2