Wedding Photo Album

Wedding Photo Album with video clips.

A very sweet, nice and beautiful Wedding photo album which also includes small clips from your videos. You can have as many photos added to the album as you like and they can be portrait or landscape in orientation.
Adding small video clips to your album adds a really cool effect which gives it a lot more romantic feel to it. Watch the video and you will see what I mean, they give a nice surprise to the viewer as well so that’s definitely a bonus. The good news too is that adding the video clips costs no more than if they were still photos.
Because it’s getting close to Christmas I would offer this album to you for as little as £6.00 if using this standard setup, ie  12 photos. Around 30 photos would be say £10.00 and so on.
[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”2272″]
What you get with the package:
Your choice and amount of photos.
Small video clips from your wedding or other clips of your choosing.
Your choice of music which can be mixed.
All the text chosen by you.
The fonts can be changed to your preference.
There’s 3 styles in this video, you can have just one or all 3.
Other changes can be made at a small additional cost.


Christmas eCard

Christmas eCard using After Effects.

This Christmas eCard is a great way to send your love and best wishes to friends or family that you may not be seeing over the Christmas period. Yes, a normal postal card is thoughtful but the delightful thing about my template is that you can add photos and also add a verbal special message at the end. A nice surprise in anyone’s books to receive such a lovely personal touch.
You can add 4 photos into the tunnel saving your best one for the end, then you can record a verbal message which will be heard clearly over the music. No more than 20 seconds is recommended which adds more impact being such a surprise for the recipient at the end.
Get in touch via the contact tab above or you can message me on my Facebook page here. It’s really easy to send the photos and for recording your message simply do it with your mobile. Most have a record facility and your computer does too. Just go to Start, Accessories, Sound recorder.
Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.


[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”2257″]

Drummer Lee Rigby

Drummer Lee Rigby, a name now immortalised into the memories of people all over the world. Like many of us I was deeply touched by the cowardly murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. I guess I just had to make my own mark on the memory of an innocent man, a peacemaker.
This short video tries to simply say honour his life and thank him for protecting us, and perhaps not to be too mournful of his death but show our appreciation of his life.

If you would like a template video like this one, not just for someone passing away, I can produce something that could be just for family memories or celebrations etc. Just give me a call or use the contact form in the header bar.

Drummer Lee Rigby, 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Fathers Day

Fathers Day video template.

I’ve made this Fathers Day template so that children have something different to give dad next week. It can be adapted to suit your family and the photos would obviously be changed. There’s no limit to the amount of children’s pictures that can be added, with or without frames. The duration can be changed at no extra cost if you require more text. Have a look and see what you think, I’m open to doing other changes.
It’s only £10 and a small surcharge for postage if you require a disc too.

Photo Restore Presentation

I decided to make myself a video presentation for my business as I’m getting pretty good with making this sort of thing.
It took a while to set the presentation template up and deciding what the content was going to be but I got there in the end. Maybe there should be more restorations in though to be honest I didn’t think the presentation video was going to work. It was meant to be a test really that turned out damned good, so at some point I will revise and enhance it.
The content isn’t meant to cover everything that I can do, each new photo has it’s own requirement so that makes it impossible to itemise. The presentation will show customers the quality that I work to unlike a lot of other Photo Restoration people that are inexperienced to say the least. Judge for yourself, take a look, and see if this video pleases you and shows what you are looking for.