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Modern Photo Montage.

This Modern Photo Montage was made for a repeat client so he received it for free. No I am not stupid, I was using his photo to practice something and the outcome was that good I sent a copy to him. He liked it, I liked it, and I’m guessing you like it too.
I don’t like the old style Photo Montage, perhaps that’s a bit of a harsh comment, they are just not on my favourite list at this present time. Old style montages to me are simply a way of squishing lots of photos together in a very meaningless way. I have an imagination, a good imagination which I use to try and bring something more viewable in this day and age. So off I go and browse the web in search of inspiration, and anything can set me off into thinking new ways of doing things and how to present them. Modern Photo Montage is exciting and brings more impact into the subject.
The examples below will give you a small idea of what the heck I’m babbling about 🙂

Modern Photo Montage of the King's Own Terriers. A nice new look to stuffy old styles.


Modern Photo Montage in black and gold finish. Everyone's going to see it, everyone's going to love it.
This idea of mine has really given the montage plenty of wow factor. Ok the photos may be adding to it but believe me almost all photos are suitable.












montage 3  WM

Modern Photo Montage with a simple but effective approach. Will look great with multiple ‘same subject’ photos.

Not exactly a full montage but how powerful do you find this technique? I will be using this idea again soon but with more individual photos. It’s going to look brilliant.

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