More Montage ideas

Still building my Montage collection.

Montages can have many uses so I am building up a collection of ideas that will hopefully grow and grow. Almost every one of them are my own idea so should be pretty unique for people asking for this service.
The first one shown here has been saved as a png file so it can be used in plenty of situations. Mugs would be the best recipient as you can see by the second photo. I’ve already had a few enquiries so I am on the right track. Yes you can get these done yourself at a local store but you are restricted on the way you can present them. For instance you can have a montage made up but  it will be very uniform and not have the style I’ve made here.

montage wide   montage mug

This second example is just my imagination taking the liberty out of the word Montage. As far as I am concerned it will be posted as a montage as I can’t categorise it as anything else.

montage 2

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