Mind blowing creation.

As mentioned on other posts, when I get some free time I like to create stuff, crazy stuff mainly. This “Mind blowing creation” as I call it was inspired by speed viewing lots of photos on Google Images and misinterpreting something that caught my eye. When I went back to the photo in question I realised it was nothing like I thought it was. But the image I thought I saw was now imprinted in my minds eye and I knew at some later date I would have a go at forging what I thought I had seen.
I will admit that I haven’t quite got the image exactly as it was, it’s been lingering too long in my dusty old mind. I think thought that it’s turned out very well and perhaps will get a revisit some time in the future.
As well as creating these strange photos of mine I like to sell them at very low prices (This one for just £6.00) for people to enjoy in their own homes, not just viewing them on a website. This one will be added to my Facebook page where I have a ‘Gift Ideas’ album, and perhaps I will start a similar page here too.
Hope you like it.

Mind blowing creation for my gift ideas page.