Halloween 2013

Unique Halloween 2013 video for the kids.

My contribution to Halloween 2013 was this video below using a 3D tunnel effect. Putting the basic settings together is a simple formality but once you start adding effects it can get quite complicated.
I didn’t consider rendering time as everything I have done like this before hasn’t taken more than say 2 hours. However this particular project stunned me when it required 11.5 hours and that was before adding sound effects.
I was in a rush to get it finished so I had to remove some of the best effects I had, like lightening and quite a few animations. For me it spoiled the end result though viewers may find it a bit of fun as they wouldn’t know about all the missing elements. Needless to say that in future I need to allocate my time better to finish something of this nature. I also need to learn more about pre-rendering. After removing everything I dared it still took 8.5 hours to render and the process messed up a couple of things that I just didn’t have time to go back to.
Book your calendar for the new and improved 2014 Halloween version, I’ll have learned my lessons by then.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”2254″]

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