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Royton, Sir Joseph Radcliffe

Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Royton.

Sir Joseph Radcliffe of Royton c1800 was recently seen to be sitting by a tree in close proximity to Royton town hall. As he had been dead for around 200 years this was thought most unusual by a passing town drunk, who shall be nameless. His statement to the local news website was that at around 2.00am, after being thrown out of a nearby public house “I saw this strange glow and had to take the photo”. He did not notice the ghostly figure until the next day and then he said “I guess he was sat there because they have pulled his house down”.
This story of Sir Joseph Radcliffe is of absolute rubbish (maybe), but the owner of the original photo was of course the author from Royton in Pictures. Once I had seen it I just had to add the ghost who is a famous gentleman from our towns history. Like it? Go have a look in my Photo fun section.

Sir Joseph Radcliffe, the first Baronet married firstly the heiress of Royton Hall, Royton, Lancashire.

Sinkhole in lounge

Sinkhole in lounge, oh my gawd.

The illusion Sinkhole in lounge below is quick and easy to do if you have the right pictures. Getting the lighting correct and coming from the same source point is exactly what you want if it has that believable ‘first glance’.
Dead funny when you ring your partner and send her the photo of your house with a hole in the floor. If you’re a good actor you can pull this off and laugh till she gets home and batters you, and she will batter you if she falls for it. Obviously the rug would have hung over the hole in case you noticed, but hey, this is for fun.

Sinkhole in lounge is not a disaster

Sinkhole in lounge

Want one? Send me a good clear photo with preferably no tables etc’ where you want the hole to be and I will whizz one up for you in about an hour. Go on, have a Sinkhole in lounge, kitchen, garden, anywhere really.
Obviously the rug would have hung over the hole in case you noticed, but hey, this is for fun.

Surfing in Royton

Surfer takes advantage of flooding in Royton.

I make the occasional Fun or Fantasy photo for my local town, Royton, hence this picture Surfing in Royton. After a very bad day of rain I came up with this idea of a surfer riding the floods at the town centre cross roads. The blending of the water, surfer and the overcast photo worked brilliantly, it’s just a shame I have no up-to-date photos of the town (Next job, get some photos).
What turned out more funny than the photo itself was a couple of remarks found in the ILR forum by local townsfolk. If I recall correctly one said “For a moment I honestly thought that was real”, another said, “That has to be a Photoshop, it didn’t look that bad to me when I was out”. So watch out next time it rains heavy and take your board into the centre for some fun surfing in Royton.
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Surfing in Royton what next?

Surfing in Royton