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Christmas Fantasy

Christmas Fantasy in Royton

This is a quick Photo Manipulation I made for my local town Royton. I love making this type of photo and do not hide the fact of how much pleasure this gives me. Not much to say about it other than these things take time to put together and finding the right balance and content. Check out my services tab for more of these fun photos.


A fantasy view of Royton at Christmas

Hip hop girl

Photoshop Hip hop girl

For people that do not know me very well I like to relax from photo restorations by simply making some Fun Photoshop pictures. This one of a Hip hop girl dancing away jumped out at me whilst browsing the web, I just had to do something with it.
What you see here is a robotic arm, electric cable thingy, arm combustion, and some cool cartoon transition in legs and feet. I added other stuff but mainly enhanced some colours to make it shout out a little.

Hip hop girl with laser lights, robotic arm and catooned legs. Nothing new then.

Halloween in Royton

Halloween fun in Royton.

Another one of my Photo Fun projects for the people of Royton, my home town. As I have mentioned before I like to do these Photoshop’s for the people of my local town and Halloween was no exception. So what could be more appropriate for this time of year but Halloween fun in Royton. Pretty much everything you see in this photo of the town centre was manipulated in some way. All the lights from the windows and cars were added as this was daytime in the original photo. Plenty of ghouls and movie characters were included and the dramatic sky which almost dominates the photo was once a bright fluffy clouded summers day.
I stuck a fun bit in where people had to find the witch and offered a free restoration for the first person to get it right. Can you see here? I’ll give you a clue, it’s a witch.

Halloween fun in Royton is another of my fantasy pictures made for my local town.

Royton at Christmas

Christmas in Royton.

We all like Christmas and there’s nothing better than having your Christmas in Royton. I do some crazy fun photos when I have time and one of the things I have become known for in my local town is Photoshopping Royton town centre. I’ve done holes in the road where people have actually stated on the local community FB site that they had been out to check how bad it was. I’ve flooded the place after a bad storm and placed a surfer going through the traffic lights, and again a poster put that they checked to see how bad it really was haha. Ok so some people are gullible and some just want to see something dramatic, this is what I am here for.
This bit of photo fun, Christmas in Royton, was just for the locals which got some real good reviews. The people of Royton are always up for a laugh and the ladies especially like a bit of cute stuff, so here lay my inspiration for my Christmas offering.
The photo is of Rochdale road running through Royton town centre. It caused so many comments that people wanted me to make Christmas cards from it but unfortunately I didn’t have the time (Next year defo’).

Photo fun with Christmas in Royton


Royton, Sir Joseph Radcliffe

Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Royton.

Sir Joseph Radcliffe of Royton c1800 was recently seen to be sitting by a tree in close proximity to Royton town hall. As he had been dead for around 200 years this was thought most unusual by a passing town drunk, who shall be nameless. His statement to the local news website was that at around 2.00am, after being thrown out of a nearby public house “I saw this strange glow and had to take the photo”. He did not notice the ghostly figure until the next day and then he said “I guess he was sat there because they have pulled his house down”.
This story of Sir Joseph Radcliffe is of absolute rubbish (maybe), but the owner of the original photo was of course the author from Royton in Pictures. Once I had seen it I just had to add the ghost who is a famous gentleman from our towns history. Like it? Go have a look in my Photo fun section.

Sir Joseph Radcliffe, the first Baronet married firstly the heiress of Royton Hall, Royton, Lancashire.