Extreme Photo Manipulation

Extreme Photo Manipulation for FREE!

The Extreme Photo Manipulation you see below was done for free as one of my customers took advantage of a permanent offer I have on the go. If you have a photo that requires some work doing on it like Manipulation, Restoration, Colourising or even a simple Enhancement all you have to do to qualify is give me a recommendation.
All you do is go to this site Free Index, register, and perhaps give me a glowing 5 star review. Once registered (And they do not spam you) tell the world how good my service is. You will later receive a confirmation email from Free Index just asking if you are a real person and not a spambot. I will then release your chosen photo to you without a watermark and everyone is happy. How good an offer is that?
Free Index is a business promotional service, a bit like the old Yellow Pages. The public can use it to find a service they require or even post and ask for help. It’s great for both customer and service provider and it’s all free.
The Extreme Photo Manipulation you see here was quite difficult as there were no real areas to clone but I think it worked out pretty well. As you can see the customer required that three people were removed, cellotape mark removed and a general clean-up of the picture. I also enlarged the photo so it could be printed at any size which all-in-all meant the customer went away very happy.

old Ed and old Dan Barrow

old Ed and old Dan Barrow before manipulation.

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