Enhanced photos, making your photo look better.

Wedding enhancement

Enhancing your wedding photos.

If some of your wedding photos are not taken in the best of situations, you can change all that by simply adding depth of field or replacing the background creating some major impact.

Enhancing your wedding photos, deleting or changing objectsThis is the original photo. Not in the best surroundings and kinda looks cluttered and distracts you from the subjects. No bride in the world wants the view distracting how good she looks on the day. So what can you do with them, lets have a look:




10080bThis enhancement of the same picture gives it a semi 3D look by increasing the depth of field. It blurs out those distractions in the background so you can concentrate on what the event was really about. Bride and daughter now take centre stage and overall the composition looks much, much better.



10080dA slightly more drastic way to deal with photos like this is to completely change the background. It costs very little to do this and as long as you choose the right setting you’re on the way to Enhancing your wedding photos. Pick your subject and I will find the best photo with the correct lighting and nobody will ever know or see the stitch marks 🙂



10080cAnother example with alternative background change.
Great background = Yes
Sun light angle = Yes
Add slight blur = Yes

Enhance and Manipulation

Skala, Kefalonia.

The photo here of a Police station in Skala, Kefalonia was a quick snap I took on holiday, you know the type, you look at it once or twice then delete it from your computer. However I decided to do my ‘forever practice’ techniques on it and was astonished at how much detail was hidden by the bleached effect. Considering how much I know about photography and photo restoration I was really surprised how details of the lane came out after just a little ‘burning in’, so much more tinkering was needed to satisfy my curiosity.
I replaced the sky as nothing I did could bring that back, removed the aerial which in truth was making the masking too time consuming. It started to look good so the next thing was to enhanced the colours and reduced the size of the Police sign as it looked far too large and obtrusive.
If you have any holiday photos that you thought were a great subject but have ended up with a disappointingly washed out mess, don’t assume they are lost. Send them over to me and if it simply means a quick ‘burning’ process I would only charge £2.00 each as long as it’s a minimum order of 3 photos, that’s incredibly cheap.

Skala, Kefalonia secluded Police station  Skala, Kefalonia Police station restoration

Reconstructing my old school

Eustace Street school.

For many years I’ve meant to get down to reconstructing Eustace Street school by way of old photo records and anything else I can get my hands on. My old infant and junior school was unfortunately demolished before I could get some pictures and maybe even get a peek inside which was a tragedy in itself but then I found absolutely nothing on the internet either. Eustace Street school now demolished left me gutted as the only photos I personally had were of the rear yard where the school annual photos were taken.
I stumbled on some photos a councillor had taken of it in a derelict state which gave me the idea of Photo Reconstruction. Not easy to do and quite time consuming but I will complete this venture eventually.
The idea is to pinch stuff from other schools of similar age, copying windows, doors and walls etc and making my old school look like I remembered it. Photo reconstruction has now a whole new meaning to me.

The first picture is of the junior Girls & boys entrances and as you can see it’s badly neglected. Second photo shows some work I have done on it and the third a heck of a lot more. There’s a lot more to do and only time will tell if I get there in the end (I’m sure I will). Come back another day and search Eustace street school.

Recontstructing Eustace Street school

Recontstructing Eustace Street school

Recontstructing Eustace Street school

Recontstructing Eustace Street school, stage 1

Reconstructing Eustace Street school

Reconstructing Eustace Street school, stage 2