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A walk in the park

Enjoying the view from a walk in the park.

Having a walk in the park was one of the favourite pastimes for anyone of any age back in the 30’s, 40’s 50’s and as late as the sixties. People still visit their local parks of course but mainly on the warmest of sunny days and there simply has to be a place to park the car. No way is anyone going to walk all of half a mile then have to walk even more around the park. These two lovely ladies know what it’s all about. Put your Sunday best on, grab a friend or two, then set off down to the park for an enjoyable browse around the lawns and flower beds. They would probably know all the flower names and who had them in their gardens living down their streets. If you find a seat in your local town and watch people walk by, how many do you think could recognise a daisy from a dandelion these days.
There was always someone you knew that had an allotment wasn’t there, and they would always bring you something to plant in your very own garden costing absolutely nothing. You can still find garden allotments but they are dwindling fats as the cost and need for land increases. These ladies would have adored Tandle hill country park in Royton. A very large public area with lots to see and do but sadly lacking in flowers like it used to have when I was a child.

Back to the ladies:

This was just an enhance and colourise job I received recently but as always I can’t help wondering about the subjects and what thoughts were going through their minds. “Hurry up and take the picture”, “What a lovely day it is” I guess we will never know.
The subject is typical from those days, the degradation of the photo was just as expected, so it’s nice to put something back into a memory that’s special to someone and maybe it will be passed on to appreciative descendants. I hope so.
The restoration of these ladies having a walk in the park was indeed a walk in the park. Simple enhancement methods were used then added splashed of colour to give it plenty of life. My technique is not to fully colourise a photo unless I’m asked specifically to do that. I like to leave some of the original B&W tones to give the photo a kind of anchor for the real time it was taken. Looks pretty good to me so I hope you understand what I’m saying.

Enhance and colourise A walk in the park

Graffiti Wedding photo

Graffiti Wedding photo manipulation.

A customer asked:
“Just been looking at your website and wondered if you could help. I love all our wedding photos but want to try and create a really contemporary feel to one of them. I got the idea from   looking at some other examples of wedding photography in particular with graffiti behind in black and white or next to an old fashioned phone box etc”

So I browsed for Urban Wedding, Fantasy wedding, and Graffiti wedding to get some ideas to offer her as samples. However I did ask the lady if she was nuts 🙂 but once I got into looking around Google I discovered that this idea is quite popular. So it turns out that she was not nuts and indeed is a very beautiful young mum with a gorgeous baby and handsome husband. It’s a trendy thing to have done and I got carried away with my ideas for her. Photo Manipulations are great fun and in this case was something new for me to get my teeth into. She was amazed at how much time I allowed for discussing things with her but I think you will agree that the results were fantastic. The one I have done with the 3D hands freaked her out but otherwise she loved them all. Oh, and she likes old telephone boxes.
After the initial selections of the subjects this method is quite easy to fit people into any background you would require, so once you have the first one made the rest are very inexpensive.
Have a scroll down the page as there’s plenty of variety for you to look at.



1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers c1915

Kings Own Terriers c1915.

A repeat order from a client involving the 1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers. He asked that this restoration and colourising be a little more subtle than the first one I did see here because by this time these guys had already engaged in combat. His reasoning was that their uniforms would be seeing the worse for wear after a year or more fighting in Ypres (Dutch, Leper) Belgium. I tend to agree as we have all seen how dreadful this war was, muck and bullets comes to mind.
A small piece of history for you:
1/4th Battalion.
August 1914 : in Ulverston. Part of North Lancashire Brigade, West Lancashire Division. April 1915, Brigade attached to 51st (Highland) Division and became 154th (3rd Highland) Brigade. Landed at Boulogne in May 1915. 6th January 1916 : transferred to 164th (North Lancashire) Brigade, 55th (West Lancashire) Division. Remained on the Western Front until the end of the war
So I restored the photo by refreshing the backdrop, several new ones were investigated but the original came out the best. I then applied all my usual stuff like removing colour cast, creases, scratches etc’. Once complete I then added the colours as requested, keeping the them subdued but still visible to the viewer and below is the result.

1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers c1915 before restoration   1st/4th Battalion Kings Own Terriers c1915 taking a break from the war

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Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band

Scottish drummer restoration.

Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band from Grangemouth.  They have been going since the late 1970s but in their day they were one of the best and won the World pipe band championship a total of 8 times, 5 of them in a row in the 1960s.
The photos sent to me for restoration were in very bad condition, almost the worst I have ever restored. My client wanted both pictures restoring and one of them manipulating to have all 3 in one photo and just their granddad in the other. Hard work but client tipped me more than I had charged so that says it all.
I was told that they were planning a special surprise for their granddad by organising a trip to meet and watch his beloved Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band performing in the World pipe band championship 2012. I bet he’s going to enjoy every moment of it and I’m guessing he will be introduced to the drummer section to see if he can give them any tips for winning.

Drummers in the Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band


Mouseover for effect.

Fantastic result on this don’t you think?
It took a lot of time restoring this, even after using a macro I made there still needed to be a lot of work on the artefacts and overall damage.








Drummers from the Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band photo manpulated and restored


Mouseover for effect.

After restoration, the client wanted one of her granddad on his own.
I had to do a little rebuilding of the background objects after removing the other two people but after a few tricky parts I managed to pull it all back together.

You can view this photo at Wikimedia






Drummers from the Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band

Mouseover for effect.

The result on this one was astonishing considering the amount of damage it had suffered. But the Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band can now stand proud once more.
A lot of hard work and headaches until the result was ready for the customer.

Small restoration.

Restoring a cute photo.

This was a small photo restoration of a cousin of mine, Karen. I don’t have many photos of her family and have lost contact with them so anything I have needs to be kept in good condition.
As you can see the original had some parts missing and the colours had faded but it was fairly simple to resolve. They look fantastic when the oomph is put back into them don’t they.

Small restoration   Small restoration of cousin Karen