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Royton Ginnel gang

Royton Ginnel gang, Spring Garden St.

These five youngsters including Harry Green, Jim Duxbury and Ron Allen are posing in the back passageway off Spring Garden St, Royton. The photo will go into my collection of old photos from my hometown Royton. I have a long term project of restoring all the old photos I can get my hands on and in most cases will colourise them and perhaps put them to disc later.
I have three photos of these particular cheeky kids but the other two require quite a lot of restoration before I can add any colour to them. I understand that they belong to a gentleman who does a lot of research on his family tree and who kindly gave me permission to use them. I hope he will be pleasantly surprised when I send these colour versions back to him. His name incidentally is Collin Wood and you can find his blog here should you wish to read some of his memoirs from Royton.
The photo didn’t require too much restoration and I do like to leave a certain amount of oldness to pictures that I repair. The colouring is never easy but I think this will end up as one of those iconic photos of Royton like the Ginnel Band I restored some time back.

Royton Ginnel Gang Spring Garden St.


An iconic photo from Royton's Spring Garden St.

Falls of Dochart

Falls of Dochart, Killin, Scotland.

This photo of the  beautiful Falls of Dochart that runs through the small town of Killin, Scotland has been manipulated to my taste by the use of HD rendering. I’ve visited the town of Killin many times and mostly during the local festival celebrations. The falls are located at the western end of Loch Tay, the famous white waters of the Falls of Dochart can be viewed from the village’s bridge. In fact wherever you stand in proximity of the falls you will find spectacular views.
Falls of Dochart, Killin, Scotland. A fantasy of colours and drama.

I decided on enhancing the picture because I love the effects that HD photos can give you. It’s one of my first attempts and I have to admit that the original photo was a little flat colour wise. This didn’t put me off thought because I wanted to produce a weird, fantasy, dreamy picture with a bit of drama thrown in. I hope you like it as much as I do and please keep watching my website as there will be more to come with improvements along the way as I gain more experience in this genre.More on Killin – Killin lies at the centre of the area known as Breadalbane (Gaelic Bràghad Albainn meaning ‘the high ground of Scotland’) and the hills of the Tarmachan Ridge and Lawers Range can be seen clearly from the main street of the village.   What Killin is most noted for, however, are the Falls of Dochart, where the River Dochart tumbles into the heart of the village beneath the Dochart Bridge.  As a tourist village, it is somewhat ironic that the worse the weather, the more dramatic the main tourist attraction becomes! Don’t let this put you off though, it’s an absolutely gorgeous place no matter what the weather offers you. I’ve never been during the snow season but the photos I’ve seen are truly spectacular.

Colour desaturation

Colour desaturation for a free Christmas present.

I‘m currently running a chance for people to get free work from Photo Restore. I am amazed how reluctant people are to take up this free offer but understand people always think there’s a catch. Ok I am already well known to undercharge for my work so a freebie sounds to good to be true. The point is that I love doing this work and as it gets really close to Christmas my workload reduces as people realise there may not be enough time to have a photo restored. Offering a freebie gives me something to do, good practice for me and gets me a little extra notice from the world at large.

The lady that contacted me asked if I could do a colour desaturation on a photo she had. No problem I said, just send it over and I’ll discuss it further with you so that we were reading from the same book.
After viewing the picture I suggested a few more bubbles and perhaps a colour tint in the little girls top. It’s a bit odd doing a colour desaturation when a huge chunk of the subject is already white so the lady agreed and was very pleased with the outcome. In fact her comment was that it looked fabulous and was to be framed and mounted on her wall.

What do you think?

colour desaturation

Restored and Colourised

Restored and Colourised Group of photos.

You can see here a set of photos sent into me for Photo Restoration, a bit of sharpening and Photo Colourising.
Doing this sort of work for money is likely to make you go bankrupt if your prices are too high, or too low in my case. Personally I don’t suffer from this as I enjoy doing these restorations as a hobby that pays for treats rather than rip my receding hair out in frustration. It makes a big difference and often allows me to give plenty of my time up to a seemingly difficult repair which also pleases the customer.
Have a look at this Group of photos Restored and Colourised. How many times do you go through your old family photos and not even consider how much more delight they will give you if restored and possibly colourised. Being in the business I am well aware of the difference but it is only when the public see my work that they suddenly think how nice it would be to have some of their own done. But then they have to consider the price as most restorers will charge £12 to £15 for each one of these examples. Worse still, you get no time with them trying to explain how you wish to display the colours. With me it’s all about you going away satisfied so if it takes all week to get it right, that’s how it will be done.

1960's Mum original photo   1960 Mum in Group of photos Restored and Colourised

1937 Photo of Nan needing restoration   1937 Nan in a Group of photos Restored and Colourised

1954 Nan and Grandad original B&W   1954 Nan and Grandad in the Group of photos Restored and Colourised

Simple Restoration.

Restoring family photo.

Although this was a simple B&W Restoration I took some time over it because I had received a whole bunch of photos from a gentleman that wanted various jobs doing.
So how many people out there have exactly the same pose, same condition of photo, and maybe even the same time period? I’m sure there are lots of you and by the time you wish to pass your photos on to your children they are almost unrecognisable. It’s a shame because once your kids appreciate family photos most of them are lost or in pretty poor condition. So do something about it.
Below you will see what I managed to accomplish, it’s damn good, and will now last forever.

photo 2b    photo 2