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Shiloh spinners

More from Shiloh Spinners

More from Shiloh Spinners sports day.

I have three photos from the 1950’s which show local children benefitting from Shiloh Spinners summer fun days. They were free for all the families working at the mills and often a great day out for the kids to let off steam.
As I mentioned in the first restoration and colourising, there are some really good photos of Royton’s past which I intend restoring and putting a little colour back into them. The one below is the second picture to be completed with another to follow shortly. You can read about the first one to be colourised here.
If you want some history on Shiloh Spinners you can either look up the current company but there’s not much to find on it, or you could try here at the National Archives.

Restored and colourised.

More from Shiloh Spinners c1950

The original photo.

More from Shiloh Spinners Sports Day at the Elk Mill c1950

Thai Boxer

Thai Boxer from the North.

Brilliant action photo of a Thai Boxer sent into me for restoration.
I love restoring most of the photos sent into me but this one goes up on the top shelf. I wasn’t aware that martial art sports were even around at this time, for local people anyway, so this photo is a bit of a surprise.
As you can see the original was in very poor condition with all the creases and fades spotted around. Made worse by the fact that it was a photo-copy but the resulting restoration has done the photo justice I think.
My customer asked for just the B&W to be restored as it’s a picture of her late husband but I can never resist doing freebies for people if I see something better can be done with it. In this case I restored the original, added a fabulous colour splash, then photo manipulated the trainer out. The reason for that was he was placed in a poor position spoiling the overall effect. Taking him out of the photo was a little more difficult than first anticipated so I blended a new wall into the photo which merged in fantastically.
Great result for me, Thai Boxer kicking butt, and all for just £14.00.

Original Thai Boxing photo.

Original photo of Thai Boxer with many creases and patches.

Restored B&W version.

Restored B&W version of Thai Boxer looking very good.

Free Photo Colourising.

Thai Boxer in glorified splash colour.

Thai Boxer with Photo Manipulation.

Thai Boxer with Photo Manipulation and added colour splash.