Christmas eCards

Christmas eCards personalised just for you.

No time to send Christmas cards? Not enough money to send Christmas cards? Maybe you hate shopping for cards because you have no time to do it. Well look no further as Photo Restore has decided to start making Christmas eCards that are beautiful, animated and incredibly cost effective. These cards also have the facility to personalise them by way of adding your own photos, music of your choice, text and fonts. On all of these cards you can add your own personal greeting at the end with a voice recording easily downloaded from your mobile phone.

These Christmas eCards are a brilliant cost and time saving idea, and once you have your chosen card you can send it to as many people as you wish. They start at as little as £6.00 and can be ready within 24 hours.
How does this work? Simple, just send me your photos and voice recording (optional), suggest text editing if you wish and then I will put it all together for you and send you the file or place on disc for you.

Have a look at these Christmas eCards below. Notice that they are much longer than commercial ones and of course your photos will replace the originals along with your vocal message.

Christmas eCard – “Santa’s Presents”.
10 photo placements, Vocal message, Change text and music, 3 mins duration.

Christmas eCard – “Christmas is coming”.
5 photo placements (more can be added), Vocal message, Change text and music, 2 mins duration.

Christmas eCard – “Simple Greeting”.
4 photo placements (more can be added), Vocal message, Change text and music, 1 min duration.

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